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Our proud family and business heritage

Our company was founded in 1911 by Pasquale Greco, an Italian immigrant striving to provide a future in America for his wife and ten young children.


Initially, Pasquale purchased everything from rags, tires, cars and old iron. With hard work and dedication he grew his new business and began to expand. He played a key role in scrap drives during the war years, and was honored for his endeavors in supporting his adopted country.


In his later years, he focused on the purchase and sale of scrap steel, new structural steel, and welding supplies.


Upon his death in 1949, the business continued to flourish under the management of Pasquale Greco’s six sons, Fred, Alec, Joseph, John, Robert and Raymond.


In 1984, the structural steel and welding businesses moved to individual ownership, leaving John Greco, Jr. and Robert Greco, Jr. operating the scrap business, P.J. Greco Sons, Inc.


All of the second generation Greco sons are deceased, but P.J. Greco Sons, Inc. continues to do business under the ownership and management of the third generation grandsons, Robert Greco, Jr. and John Greco, Jr.


Recently, John’s youngest son Michael has joined the company to carry on the fourth generation of Greco’s started by his great-grandfather Pasquale over a century ago.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you require in order for me to sell you my old vehicle for scrap? Will you tow it in for me?

Contact us today for a free car pickup!

Pennsylvania state law requires that you must present the correct title for the vehicle. All of the owners of the FRONT of the title must be present, and must have a CURRENT state photo ID or a CURRENT state photo driver's license.


If you've married since buying the vehicle and the title is in your maiden name, you must present us with either a marriage license or a former photo ID with your maiden name.


These requirements are the same for ALL vehicles, in ANY condition, either whole, partial or burnt out.


We reserve the right to refuse any vehicle if the Pennsylvania state law requirements are not met.


And yes, we will gladly tow your vehicle to our nearest location, for FREE!

Are you closed on holidays or on Sundays? Does each of your 3 locations have the same hours?

  • New Year's Day (when this falls on a weekend, please call us for days observed)

  • Good Friday

  • Memorial Day

  • Fourth of July

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • First Day of Deer Season (Monday after Thanksgiving)

  • Christmas Day (when this falls on a weekend, please call us for days observed)

Will PJ Greco unload scrap from a customer's vehicle?

PJ Greco employees will always provide help with either loading or unloading of a customer's vehicle, if the customer needs assistance.

What is the difference between Prepared Steel and Unprepared Steel?

What is the difference between #1 copper and #2 copper?

The difference between the two is size: Prepared Steel must be no longer than 3 feet and no wider than 18 inches - anything larger than these dimensions is considered Unprepared Steel.

The difference between the two is that #1 copper must be completely clean - no paint or solder may contaminate the metal.

  • Beer Kegs

  • CFC's and HCFC's (ozone depleting substances)

  • Computer monitors and TVs

  • Copiers or fax machines

  • Fuel tanks (unless empty and multiple holes cut in it)

  • Garbage, rags or other non-metallic items

  • Glass

  • Oil

  • Oil filters

  • Paint

  • Paper

  • PCB's or other hazardous materials

  • Plastic

  • Radioactive material

  • Rubber

  • Vehicles without titles or proper identification

  • Wood

What materials will PJ Greco not accept?

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We're closed on Sundays and on the following holidays:

The hours for our 3 different locations are:


1450 Freeport Road, Tarentum, PA 15084

•   Monday - Friday: 8:00AM - 4:00PM

•   Saturday: 8:00AM - 11:30AM

•   Sunday: CLOSED


593 Tarrtown Road, Kittanning, PA  16201

•   Monday - Friday: 7:30AM - 3:30PM

•   Saturday: 7:30AM - 3:00PM

•   Sunday: CLOSED


22220 Route 322, Corsica, PA  15829

•   Monday - Saturday: 7:30AM - 4:00PM

•   Sunday: CLOSED

Early Tarentum location cta
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